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“Ambient Conditions, Pt. 3” is in the making.


Following a short (yet amazing) series of concerts in the 2nd half of the year, ACpt2 is finally out! Visit the “Music” page to check it out. 


I have been busy with organising a belated release party for ACpt1. It’s on 3rd of June! ACpt2 is delayed a bit as I prioritised live shows. S O O N. 


“Ambient Conditions, Pt. 2” is in the making. 


I started vlogging around a month ago. I guess pandemic helped with getting used to talking to a camera lens in a language other than my mother tongue. First two vlogs are online and there are more to come. Check out them here on my YouTube playlist


My website is finally online. For now I will share important updates on this page, but someday I would like to turn it into a blog.

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